Management consulting services

  • Advice on the establishment and implementation of a comprehensive strategic planning of companies (preparation of strategic and business plans – analysis of market opportunities in Slovenia and abroad, benchmarking and swot analysis, preparation of corporation, business and functional strategies, preparation of business and financial plan)
  • Advice on the establishment of a uniform or optimization of controlling function in companies (comprehensive and unified planning, design, budgeting, reporting)
  • Advice on a comprehensive reconstructing and expansion of business (review and analysis of the existing state, analysis of possibilities of long-term viability of the company, an estimate of potential savings and improvements, redefining strategies, possibility of introducing various measures)
  • Advice on reorganization and optimization of business processes
  • Advice on a comprehensive organization of relations between individual companies inside the group of related companies
  • Establishment of investment reports for various purposes
  • Comprehensive due diligence checks of companies for various purposes
  • Advice on the preparation of annual report of companies in accordance with the legislation and requirements of the client