Financial Consulting Services

  • Financial due diligence check of companies` operation
  • Advice on the optimization of the financial function of companies
  • Advice on and establishment of various financial analyses and plans
  • Establishment of economic viability studies for various purposes
  • Financial advisory services in acquisitions, mergers and split-offs of companies
  • Advice on financing regular business of companies and investment projects
  • Advice on the preparation of measures to improve liquidity and solvency of companies 
  • Assessment of the value of companies for various purposes
  • Advice in connection with the Financial Operations, Insolvency Proceedings and Compulsory Dissolution Act (advice on preparing the documentation required in the composition proceedings, advice on the preparation of financial restructuring plan of the debtor, preparation of a report of an authorized appraiser of the value of companies in connection with Article 146 of the ZFPPIPP)
  • Individual financial advisory services adjusted to the need of an individual client


Valuation services are performed in a capacity of:

  • An authorized independent evaluator (we respect the hierarchy of valuation standards) and
  • A financial adviser (in purchases and sales of business shares, we mostly act as adviser of the client and, if necessary, cooperate also in the negotiations for the benefit of the client)